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Careers at Calm

We're on a mission to support everyone on every step of their mental health journey

In an age of unprecedented anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, mental health and wellness are finally getting the attention they’ve long deserved. The world is on the cusp of a mental fitness revolution.

Our vision is to build Calm into one of the most valuable and meaningful brands of the 21st century. To get there, we’ll need the best and brightest minds on earth.

What started as a mindfulness company has grown into a global lifestyle brand. Along the way, we have built a community that transcends borders, languages, and backgrounds.

A Remote-First Company

Our primary way of working is not based on an office location. We hire from and live in a lot of different places, allowing us to continually increase the diversity, experiences, and perspectives of our ever-expanding team. All while staying connected to each other and doing incredible work.

Meaning-Full Work

At Calm, we are driven by the understanding that the work we do every day can make a meaningful impact on millions of people.

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“I continued on, and now I’ve been meditating for about three years. I feel like it’s helped me reduce the anxiety that was creating a lot of issues in my life before.”


“Slowly but surely I was able to learn some adaptive ways of dealing with stress, of understanding the nuances of my mind, and I’ve been able to slow down significantly since then.”


“I didn’t picture myself as a meditator... the idea of sitting with my thoughts was really daunting and seemed uncomfortable. Now, my daily practice is so wonderful and healing for me.”


Our DEI&B Mission Statement

At Calm we believe in bringing your whole self to work and strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, included and empowered to succeed. We actively want to build a culture of respect and belonging - one where we seek to understand and value what makes each of us unique and create a safe space for us all to celebrate these differences. For our users, we are committed to providing resources that address the varied individual needs and experiences of our community members. Our goal is that everyone feels welcomed within our product and company.

Before You Apply

Job searching can be stressful. Take 30 seconds to calm your nerves and ease your mind with this breathe bubble.

Breathe in

Open Roles

Thanks for your interest in Calm, and for scrolling this far! We receive hundreds of applications a day. If you want to stand out, write us a thoughtful cover letter! We like to see how you communicate, what ideas you have for the role, and why you’re the right fit.

Our Values

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Humble & Hungry

We want to change the world. We are driven by the potential Calm has to do that. We also understand the journey is a long one.


High EQ

We practice what we preach. We are mindful and inclusive of others, and each other. We champion empathy and compassion.


Results Focused

We optimize for impact. We celebrate wins and learn from missteps. We never stop testing and iterating.



We roll up our sleeves. We look for simple solutions to complex problems. We embrace constraints.



We are never complacent. We understand that speed matters. We move fast without breaking things.



We understand great teams need safety, clarity, meaning, dependability, and impact. We believe in the value of one, and the power of many.



We believe something truly magical happens when the right people come together at the right place, at the right time, and with the right mindset.


More Than Perks

We’re committed to supporting our team in their personal and professional lives. That goes way beyond ‘perks.’

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Investment + Growth

Calm can only grow if you do. We offer a great salary, equity, and 401(k).

Health + Wellness

We offer a competitive benefits package for health, dental, and vision and give monthly stipends for fitness routines too.

Time + Space

When we say PTO is Take What You Need, we really mean it.

Parents + Kids

Your family is a vital part of our community too. That’s why we offer baby bonding leave to all full time employees.

Home + Office

Your home office should be as functional and inspirational as your office office. We’ll give you a WFH stipend to help.

Culture + Connection

Our calendar of (virtual) social events ensures you always feel part of, and close with, the team, no matter where you are.

Magic in the Making

At Calm, we believe in magic. But not the supernatural kind. Standing out in an increasingly crowded marketplace demands innovative, memorable, and creative solutions. We didn’t become a mental health ‘unicorn’ by playing by the rules. We did it by rewriting them.

From inventing a whole new form of storytelling, Sleep Stories, to partnering with LeBron James to recast mental wellness as mental fitness, we believe magic happens when the right people come together at the right place, at the right time, with the right mindset.

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Chris Advansun
“Calm’s work culture is very entrepreneurial. It’s a place where you are entrusted and empowered with resources, discretion, and creative freedom, then given room to execute. I respond well to that.”

Chris Advansun

Head of Sleep Stories