My Account
Where can I find details about my subscription?
How do I turn off auto-renew or cancel my subscription?
What do I get with my subscription?
Can I edit my meditation stats or view my session history?
What is a streak?
Using the Website
Why do I have to create an account to do another meditation? Do I have to pay?
Where are the old meditations and scenes?
How do I sync my Calm app profile with my profile on the website?
I have a subscription in the app. Why can’t I log in on the website?
Can I use this on my TV? On my Kindle? On my Windows phone?
Gift of Calm
What is the Gift of Calm? How do I give it to someone?
How do I redeem my gift?
Do the gift certificates expire?
Can I use a gift certificate on my own account?
About Meditation and Calm
What is Calm?
What should I expect?
How often should I meditate?
What breathing technique am I supposed to use?
How can I contact you for help or more information?