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“If every 8 year old is taught meditation, we will eliminate
violence from the world within one generation”
Dalai Lama

Introducing The Calm Schools Initiative

We’re giving free Mindfulness training tools to every teacher in the world

In today’s rapidly changing world, children face unique social and emotional challenges. Kids are experiencing greater pressures earlier in life, and feel more stress and anxiety than ever before.

What if their school day began with a few moments of quiet and stillness? Numerous studies have shown the many benefits of teaching mindfulness to children. Through mindfulness education, kids can develop a lifelong capacity for greater self-awareness, concentration, patience, and resilience.

Meanwhile, educators face pressures of their own. Many teachers understand the benefits of mindfulness, but they face time and budget constraints, making it challenging to bring mindfulness education to the classroom.

That’s why we’re launching The Calm Schools Initiative. We are offering every teacher in the world free access to Calm, the mindfulness app that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world use everyday. Our aim is to empower teachers with mindfulness tools and resources they can use to help kids learn this new skill.

Under this initiative, any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Calm’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to our growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, our programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school. Over the coming year, we will be steadily adding to our Calm Kids library, equipping teachers with an ever-expanding supply of content crafted for the unique needs of their students.

Our goal is to onboard 100,000 classrooms this year, improving the lives of over 1 million children.

So how to get started?

If you’re a teacher, just take 30 seconds to fill out the simple form below, and you’ll be approved for The Calm Schools Initiative within a week. Once you’re approved, we’ll send you some on-boarding resources to help you get started. We’ll share tips, suggestions, and best practices to introduce mindfulness to your classroom and get your students excited about meditation.

If you’re a parent or student, forward this page to your teacher and let them know how important mindfulness education is to you.

Please contact if you have any questions or trouble filling out the form. If you're a journalist seeking to cover this story, get in touch at We're eager to share our story.

At Calm, our mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place. We embarked on that mission 4 years ago by developing mindfulness tools and resources for adults. But nothing gets us more passionate than the opportunity to bring mindfulness to teachers and children all over the world. Our goal is to empower kids to thrive, not just survive.

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What teachers are saying
This app is an amazing match for BC teachers and our curriculum. My students beg to use the Calm app. They have been far more able to deal with all emotions and to better manage stress and anxiety after using this amazing app!!! I think every classroom would benefit from it.
We have been using Calm in all classrooms during this past school year at our elementary school in the Bronx, NY and have seen so much growth in our students! Many of our students have also begun using the app at home and are teaching their parents and siblings how to meditate in order to build empathy skills, regulate their emotions, and to improve their ability to mindfully focus. I have heard students report sending loving-kindness to people that they had been having difficulty getting along with in their classes, or using a session on confidence to gear up for the talent show. We love using Calm to set the tone for the day!
As a high school math teacher, I use Calm with my students to bring a sense of calm to my classroom. Students are learning to bring mindfulness into their hectic, stressful teen lives. I have found that students really appreciate having a tool to help to regain focus and balance, allowing for greater academic success and happiness.
I’ve been using Calm on my smartboard with my students every morning and after transitions back into the classroom. My students have really benefited from learning how to calm their bodies and minds. They love it and it’s become one of their favorite routines!
Frequently Asked Questions
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How does mindfulness benefit children?

Meditation helps children understand and respond to their thoughts and emotions. It acts as a tool to help calm down the mind and develop awareness.

Sometimes it’s hard for children to tune into what they’re feeling. They know they feel mad, sad, or overwhelmed, but they don’t always know why. Moreover, they don’t know what to do about it. Mindfulness helps them to still the mind and connect with what’s going on within, so that they can make the choices that best serve them. This leads to better impulse control and heightened emotional intelligence.

Responding in a non-reactive way is one of the most valuable skills someone can learn. Through meditation, children develop the ability to pause, breathe, and really listen to what their minds and bodies are telling them. Mindfulness skills teach us how to better deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, when we practice mindful meditation on a regular basis, it helps us to be more patient, connected, and calm.

This is how we want to empower the children of the next generation.

Meditation is one of the best ways to optimize children’s health. It helps them concentrate, reduces anxiety, and cultivates compassion. They are able to better handle stress, resolve conflicts, and recognize and manage their thoughts and emotions.

We’d love for you to try Calm in your school!

How do I introduce my students to Calm and mindfulness?

It’s as easy as downloading the app and pressing play. We also have a website where you can access all of our guided meditations and nature scenes.

To start, we’ve developed a guided intro session for each age group. This initial meditation session will offer your students an understanding of what mindfulness is about. From there, feel free to test out any of our additional content, which we’re continuing to grow.

Some teachers simply put the nature scenes on a screen at the front of the class for a few minutes before lessons begin, giving everyone a chance to center themselves and relax.

Is this religious? Can it be taught in school?

The great thing about mindfulness meditation is that it’s a universal practice that has nothing to do with organized religion, or dogma of any kind. It can be practiced by anyone, at any time, in any place.

What is Calm?

Calm’s mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place, to reduce stress and increase calm. Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith set up Calm initially as an app to help people relax and learn the valuable skill of meditation. The audio content is written and recorded by Mindfulness expert, Tamara Levitt. The company is based in San Francisco, and over 50 million people around the world have downloaded the app or used the website.

How do I share the story from my school?

We’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch here or feel free to share on social media using #CalmSchools