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Breathe Into It

Calm friends Shawn and Camila share their personal mindfulness journeys.

Shawn - Mendes

"My goal is for my community to feel empowered to embrace these tools, create their own mental wellness routines, and look out for others."

— Shawn Mendes

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Camila - Cabello

"My dream is that sharing my own mental health journey will inspire others to care for their own minds and destigmatize getting support."

— Camila Cabello

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Managing Stress

Our bodies can handle stress, but we need to counterbalance its effects with rest and relaxation.

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Just Breathe

Taking a big breath in, followed by a long breath out, helps slow down your heart rate and relax your nerves.


I’d Like to...

Settle your busy mind so you can fall asleep with ease using our top exercises for deeper rest.

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Calm Sleep Stories

After or instead of meditating, try a Sleep Story. What worked when we were young still works now!

Priyanka Chopra

The Tale of Taleisha

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Emergency Resources

If you or anyone you know is going through hard times, there are organizations dedicated to help navigate them. Use these helplines or search online for mental health services in your area.

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