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Tom Middleton Combines Science and Sound to Help You Sleep Better

Tom Middleton Combines Science and Sound to Help You Sleep Better

Electronic musician, Psychoacoustics Sound Designer, DJ, and sleep science coach, Tom Middleton, is leading the way in a new genre of functional music and soundscapes for wellness.

In a noisy world where so many of us are overstimulated by addictive technology and left feeling stressed, depressed, anxious and burnt out, Tom has spent the last decade devoted to designing sound for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

We’re delighted to welcome Tom to the Calm Music family.

Check out his new track, Moonlight on Water.

Sleep is the foundational pillar of mental and physical health, wellbeing and resilience. But...most of us are sleep deprived as we're not very good at switching off.

Listening to relaxing music, sleep stories or nature sounds to wind down are known to be effective non pharmacological interventions. 

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Tom uses a scientific approach for designing tranquil, immersive soundscapes abundant with the sounds of the natural world.

His music may lower your heart rate, slow brain waves and trigger the parasympathetic rest and recovery response, helping you to sleep deeper and longer, and awaken feeling refreshed and energized.

“I’ve toured the planet, performed to millions, and observed how sound affects our emotions and behaviour.”

— Tom Middleton
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About Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton is a pioneering electronic musician, DJ-producer, sleep coach and creator of science-backed music for health, wellness, motivation, focus, relaxation and sleep.

He has toured the world and performed to millions over 3 decades observing the positive affects of sound, and has shared the stage with Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

After a radical reassessment of his creative motivations he has embarked on a new mission to help rescore the soundtrack to life and positively benefit our wellbeing.

Applying principles of the neuroscience and psychology of sound, listening and breathing to create meaningful, transformational soundscapes, music and immersive experiences to help with stress, anxiety, burnout and sleep deprivation.

Tom believes the science of sound can help us to be more happy, healthy and productive.

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