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Every Workplace Can Have a Mindfulness Space

Every Workplace Can Have a Mindfulness Space

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Neuroscience tells us: meditating at work helps to make us happier, healthier, more satisfied with our jobs, more creative and productive, and better colleagues. Not every work environment, though, is optimally designed for mindfulness. But it can be!

Introducing The Calm Booth by ROOM

When a meditation app meets an eco-friendly soundproof privacy pod, they make mindfulness happen at work. And they call this beautiful collaboration The Calm Booth by ROOM.


A High-Return Investment in Employee Happiness and Retention

Workplace stress costs US companies over $300 billion annually, with a spotlight on the subject each year around World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), as more employers are choosing to invest in mindful wellbeing solutions for employees (recently Starbucks, Spanx, and Ernst & Young).

Over a million people call in sick every day due to work related stress (and The American Institute of Stress, says unanticipated absenteeism directly and indirectly related to workplace stress costs approximately $602 per worker each year). And while there may be several attributing stress factors, neuroscience attributes mindfulness, along with stress management, for improving ones ability to deal with stress, focus, creativity and happiness.

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Today, a large percentage of employees work in open offices, which are filled with constant noise and distraction — environmental and mental stresses. Studies have shown that the stresses of open floor plans reduce productivity and health and increase absenteeism - 62% of people take more sick days than those in private offices. Even just three hours of steady open office noise can cause distress and decrease in motivation that are measurable.

The good news is that mindfulness at work has been shown to have a positive effect on our stress hormone levels, concentration, memory, creativity, emotional intelligence, motivation, and job performance.

Calm + ROOM = A Match Made in Mindfulness

Our collaboration, The Calm Booth by ROOM, features ROOM’s flagship features of their modern, soundproof pod, sustainably made with 1,088 recycled plastic bottles, bringing privacy and quiet to an open office space. Exclusive Calm features include: a frosted door for privacy and softer lighting, a beautiful and soothing misty forest interior, and 12 annual subscriptions to the Calm app — so when you step inside, you have access to mindfulness sessions specifically designed for work, Nature Soundscapes, Music and much more, to help with stress, anxiety and help you return to work refreshed, relaxed, happier, and more creative.

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More quiet, more privacy, and more mindfulness all together make work a happier, more rewarding place to be.

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