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Calm Mindfulness Journal

Calm Mindfulness Journal

Writing is a powerful way to slow down, check in with yourself and deepen your mindfulness practice.

That's why we created the Calm Mindfulness Journal, a 7-day journal for you to download and print. We provide writing prompts for you to:

  • connect with body

  • listen to your heart

  • practice gratitude

  • become more aware of your thought patterns

  • relate to your environment

  • understand the relationship you have with yourself and others

  • let go

  • make intentions

  • plan your week

Feel free to do all of them or pick the ones that most resonate with you. We hope this practice of presence, contemplation and reflection will serve to deepen your awareness, inspire insight and empower your choices.

Give yourself 10 minutes every day and write. Do it just for you and discover the wisdom that lives within.

You can download and print the Calm Mindfulness Journal here.

If you enjoy the process, we encourage you to print these journal pages every week and include it as part of your daily mindfulness practice.

Here are some reflections from Jade, our Daily Calm Community Coordinator, about her mindful journaling practice.  

Writing down my thoughts (almost) every day over the past year has profoundly benefited my overall wellbeing. As I flick through my journal pages, I see the joy that comes from finding something to be grateful for each day — even on, or perhaps especially on the days that have been difficult for me emotionally. I've also noticed that journaling has helped me to become more myself and to be able to sit with discomfort when needed.

Here are a few things that have helped me, perhaps some of these ideas will serve to inspire your journaling practice: 

  • Every Sunday, I look at the week ahead. I plan my work and social commitments as well set aside time for meditation and exercise. I also jot down any meals I might want to cook! Doing so helps me feel less overwhelmed.

  • I find something to be grateful for every day. When I'm struggling, and this feels hard to do, I think of something simple like my morning cup of tea or my new favorite song. Over time this practice has truly helped me be hopeful during times of heartbreak and challenge! It also helps me to recognize and celebrate the gifts in my life.

  • I consider what feelings I'd like to embody or invite into my day, sort of like an affirmation. On days where I am tired or sad, I may write, I am energized or I am compassionate. Other times when I'm nervous, I may write, I am courageous and brave, or I'm good enough.

  • Be honest with yourself. I used to be overly positive to hide away the bad bits. I now include the difficult parts because when I face them it allows me to bring compassion to my situation or it helps me to grow.

  • I reflect back every few weeks and read the words I've put to paper. I meet myself with kindness and find appreciation for this part of my journey.

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