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The Daily Calm is a perfect 10 minute break from my day. I absolutely love this app! Thank you for helping me find some calm in the chaos of life.
@SarahA, App Store
I love this app. Me and my five-year-old go to sleep relaxed and happy listening to Queen of Calm and The Secret Lagoon. It’s magic.
John, Google Play
Calm has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and stress. I have learned to use the breathing exercises when I get anxious at work. It works great!
@Feedsquirrel, UK
There are a lot of choices and variations available, which is nice to have. I would highly recommend this app.
Steven T, United Kindgdom
I love this app. It is aesthetically pleasing and has plenty of options to support a beginner in developing a meditation practice. My kids even ask to use the Calm app. The nature sound options are also terrific, for meditation or simply to have on in background when attempting to create environment of calm. I am a therapist and am now recommending this app to clients!!
Shap P, Canada
I enjoy how this app. is teaching me to accept the current moment for what it is, for what I am, and how to start fresh each minute, hour, and day!
Sammy, United States
Well worth the subscription! I meditate almost every day now. The daily calm option is such a good idea and give me a daily chance to note my thoughts and learn afresh. Thank you!
Nadz, United Kingdom
I work in pediatric mental health. I take calls most people would choose an IRS audit over. This app has become a regular part of my routine. It helps me to find center and perspective... to remove myself from troubling thoughts and focus on what I CAN do with the moment. Being present has helped me to center in and really help kids in crisis. Sincerely, thank you.
This app is absolutely amazing. It has helped me be a better version of myself. I am more forgiving and understand the difference between actual stress and made up stress. I live a much better life using this app. I would recommend this to anyone. It even helps me sleep better! Amazing.
I have been meditating off and on for a couple of years, but recently found myself becoming inconsistent about my mediation practice. Calm has helped me get back into meditating on a daily basis. The guided sessions are a very reasonable length and can easily fit into a busy schedule. Thank you, Calm!
Whether you choose from Calm's many enchanting moving pictures, listening to the sounds of the oceans, the drip drop of the rain, the crackle of the fire...or you close your eyes and follow a serene guided mediation with a soothing female voice that always sounds as if she's smiling... You are choosing to take a moment in your day that brings you calm...hence the name. What can be wrong with that? It always makes me feel better. Even when I am resistant... The universe is within me. Calm reminds me that our own silence is our own personal greatness.
I LOVE this app. I recently underwent treatment for depression and anxiety, and I've found Calm to be invaluable to my recovery. Bless you, and thank you for this beautiful app.
I've been sharing this app with everyone I know and prompting them to pay for the subscription so their lives can be transformed in the way mine was. You guys may feel like you are just running a business but you are truly changing the world and making it a better place.
This really is wonderful. I am a psychotherapist, and really appreciate the congruence of these teachings with what I have learned in helping people to manage their thoughts, feelings, and lives.
I just wanted to affirm that the Calm app has been a life changer for me. I have been practicing for 64 days straight and see major differences in my attitude and ability to deal with serious health problems my husband is experiencing. My calmness is helping both of us find the joy in each day.
I wanted to let you know I really love your app. Since I've been using Calm I feel like another person. It gives me 'me time' what makes me feel more connected during the day and extend the feeling of me time. Last week I had the first experience of mindfulness - I suddenly understood the mood in my head and what 'to do' to be mindful.
Great app. I've tried doing mindfulness meditation before but could never get into it. This app has finally helped me start doing it consistently, and most importantly, sticking with it!
I have started to use this daily. It really helps to get my day started on the right track - love it!
I've been using the app for about a year and it is incredibly useful. I subscribe to the annual program and it is money well spent. 10 mins in the morning and 10 mins in the evening and your life is changed. Do it. You'll be happy you did.
It's so easy to get off track with meditating. This app has been so helpful in keeping me on track! It motivates me to meditate even when I'm feeling sooooo lazy. I also really enjoy the inspirational quotes at the end of each meditation session.
My husband and I love Calm, both as an app and on the website. Excellent content, and I love the voices that guide me through meditation. I don't know what I'd do without my subscription. It's just what I need to get focused and find my chill.
I've always wanted to meditate, become more in touch with my intuition and use my inner power to get control of my wild brain. Calm has been a great way for me to go at my own pace and to discover it doesn't have to be in a fancy class or with an expensive yogi or guide. Calm allows me to continue my practice without any pressure and with simple tools to bring into my day. Plus, her voice is so soothing and lovely and the crackling fire is so cozy!
I wanted to tell you how much your Calm App has changed my life. I am a middle school math teacher. I have been using Calm for about 15 months, and I am a better listener, a kinder and more compassionate teacher, and am sleeping better. THANK YOU!!! I am also spreading the word and getting others to try your free 7 days of Calm app. It is so nice to pause in my day, connect with my body through my breath and find joyous moments!
Calm forever delivers a restful and mindful experience when I need it most. I started as a complete beginner to meditating and this app helped me understand what it really means to meditate and guide me into mindfulness. I use it on mornings, evenings, and in the middle of work days to calm my mind and refresh me. Works like a charm.
I've had a meditation practice in the past, but Calm has made it simpler than ever to get into and STAY into meditation as a daily event. Very happy with this app!
I'm a therapist, and use this app both personally and professionally. Clients who have expressed great difficulty with managing anxiety and/or their emotional response to chronic pain have found it helpful and hopeful. I use it on my own as well; it really helps me to calm my body and mind and manage stress more effectively.
I haven't tried meditation before but I thought it might be something I could enjoy. I wanted to QUIET MY MIND for a few moments and just BE! The narrator has a very calm and soothing voice which I enjoy and I appreciate the baby steps we go through. I was always afraid I would do meditation wrong but she has a reassuring way to put one at ease and make me not so hung up on that. I like it!
I've been using Calm almost daily for the last two years. Even paid for the premium version. Money well spent. Meditation truly makes a difference in my life and how I engage with others. This app makes it so easy.
I was very cynical and deeply skeptical of meditation but as a last ditch effort in trying to break through to me, my professional coach suggested that I try meditation. I downloaded the app Calm and began one day on a short flight. I was affected in a way that was not a true conversion but I will say it piqued my interest. I tried it again on the return flight and noticed a small change in my attitude and outlook. Calm made staying with meditation a true pleasure and the outcome has been transformational. The guided meditation by the tranquil voice of the narrator makes it easy and relaxing. I look forward to the numerous programs and varied length of all of them. Well worth the price of admission.
@Converted Skeptic
I had tried to get into meditation for years, but only with the Calm system was I able to succeed. Calm and meditation has helped me get through some of the toughest times I've lived through. My meditation practice is some of the best moments of the day.