Introducing Sleep Mist

A relaxing scent. A restful night.

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Sleep Mist

Calm Sleep Mist is a natural elixir of Lavender, Frankincense, Chamomile and Clary Sage essential oils.

Transform your pillow with this soothing scent and create a relaxing environment for sleep.

Blended in California with 100% pure essential oils.

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Our Commitment

Paraben Free
No Synthetic Fragrances
Sulphate Free
No Synthetic Colors
Phthalates Free
No Animal Testing

The Process

We spent 10 months blending over a thousand scent formulations and made 100+ prototypes. We tested our prototypes on 12 different pillow cases to improve the lingering of Sleep Mist through the night.

What’s Inside

We crafted our Sleep Mist from 100% pure essential oils so it smells exceptional and helps you drift off into a restful and deep sleep.

Clary Sage

Pair Sleep Mist with Sleep Stories to help you drift into dreamland

Blue Gold by Stephen Fry
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