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Learn the life-changing skill of meditation


Get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed


Video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching


Exclusive music to help you focus, relax, and sleep

What is Calm College?

Students at Pomona have access to a free Calm subscription.

Think of the Calm app as a personal trainer for your mind. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness for as little as 5 minutes a day can help students:

Enhance academic performance
Reduce stress and anxiety
Strengthen memory
Sleep Better
Improve focus in class

Oh, and the best part? No robes, candles, or treks to the Himalayas are required to gain the amazing benefits of mindfulness. Your mindfulness coach is only a download away.

And because you are a student at Pomona, you’ll get a free subscription to Calm Premium. This means you’ll have full access to Calm’s entire library of guided meditations and Sleep Stories.

Daily Calm

A unique new meditation and inspiration every day

Sleep Stories to help you fall into a deep and natural sleep.

We loved having bedtime stories read to us as children so why should that stop now that we’re in college? Sleep Stories are tales read by well-known voices to help you turn off your mental chatter and fall into a deep sleep each evening.

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Are there scientifically proven benefits to mindfulness?
What about the content? How will students relate to that?
What in the world is a “sleep story”?
What data do you collect on students? Do you share it?
What devices can Calm be used on?

For more information, contact us via calm.com/support