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We’re so pleased Calm has been invited by Novotel to bring hundreds of hours of meditations, Sleep Stories, music and more to their guests. When we practice mindfulness, every moment of travel can be time well spent.

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A special Calm Sleep Story for Novotel

Award-winning actress Eva Green has recorded a Sleep Story, in English and French. The story is called Nightfall, and it follows the peaceful, wondrous process of twilight as it unfolds across the Earth, described in rich, vivid detail. Guided by Eva’s exquisite narration, the listener is invited to slow down and savor the passage of time. The story discovers the joy of seizing time for the sole purpose of comfort and rest.
* Available to Novotel guests with a special complimentary 60 day pass to Calm Premium.

What do you get with Calm?

  • Sleep Stories

    150+ Sleep Stories, with new ones added each week to lull you into a deep and restful slumber.
  • Guided Meditations

    Hundreds of hours of meditations to help you relax your mind and body.
  • Calm Music

    Exclusive music from artists like Sam Smith, Moby, Above & Beyond, Sigur Ros, to help you focus, relax and sleep.
  • And more...

    Soothing nature sounds and scenes, breathing programs, stretching exercises and more.

Ideas for using Calm during your Novotel stay

Novotel wants all their guests to be able to rest well and relax thoroughly during their stays — whether the trip is solo or with family, for work or for play.
Listen to one of the Calm Soundscapes
Like Babbling Brook or Moby's Long Ambients 2 — to add some calm while unpacking
Morning Stretch with Calm Body
Practice any time of day as a great way to reset
Listen to Eva Green's Nightfall Sleep Story
To fall asleep, listen to the enchanting Nightfall Sleep Story read in Eva Green's soothing voice
Start the day with Morning Wake Up
Start the day with enthusiasm thanks to the Morning Wake Up Calm Body session
Listen to a guided meditation
Focus on a theme for your trip such as gratitude, self-care, personal growth or focus
Calm Kids Content for toddlers to teens
Traveling with children? Explore the Calm Kids section for meditations and Sleep Stories
If you have travel in mind, but haven’t booked your accommodations yet, consider our friends at Novotel.
4.8, 506.5K Ratings
“This app is a complete life saver. It is an app everyone should have. My 5 year old never goes a night without it and myself too. I literally use it through most of my day listening to the music for focus during the day and winding down before bed. Love the meditations, the voiceovers are all so tranquil too.” - Emily Smith
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