Bring Calm to your team

Get 15% off when buying Calm for a team of 5 or more.

How it works


Select # of seats

Choose how many subscriptions you want to buy (minimum 5)

Pay via credit card

Pay $60 USD / person for access to Calm premium for a year (normally $70)

Share with your team

We'll email you a personalized landing page that you can share with your team to give them free Calm access

Why employees love Calm

Sleep better

Join the millions who drift off to Calm's Sleep Stories, music, and meditations each night.

Reduce stress

Utilize meditations, breathing exercises, and other mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.

Build resilience through mindfulness

Learn the life-changing skill of mindfulness meditation with our beginners courses.

Enhance focus & creativity

Sharpen your mind with meditations and Masterclasses that enhance focus and creativity.

Relax body & mind

Practice light stretching and physical exercises designed to relax your body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is a team subscription different from a regular Calm subscription?

The team subscription includes access to the same experience as the individual subscription but offered at a discounted group rate.

When does the subscription begin?

The subscription begins as soon as it is purchased. Team members can redeem their subscription at any time but the subscription year begins from the day of purchase.

Can I add additional team members later in the year?

In order to add additional team members later in the year, please reach out to our support team via our Help Center. Our Support Team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Can I transfer subscriptions if someone leaves?

Once a subscription has been redeemed, it cannot be revoked. A subscription is active for the individual who originally redeemed it for the full duration of the team purchase and cannot be transferred.

Does my team plan automatically renew?

Yes, the team plan is set to renew annually. If you would like to turn off the auto-renewal, please contact our support team through the Calm Help Center.

Can I see how my team is using the app? Do you offer analytics?

We do not offer analytics for teams under 100 people. If you are interested in an enterprise plan for your team, please contact us through the form on our Calm for Work page.