Creating Space For Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Make Employee Mental Health a Priority

Each year, millions of people struggle with mental health challenges—and the past year in particular has led to a surge in those numbers, with more people feeling anxiety and stress than ever before.

That’s why it’s vital to acknowledge the importance of creating space for mental wellness in the workplace, so people feel empowered to talk about their mental health and get the support that will help them thrive.

To help you do this, we’ve compiled some useful resources that you can use for yourself and your employees.

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HR Fireside Chat: Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

Creating space for mental health and wellness in the workplace
Watch Calm’s Chief People Officer and a panel of HR leaders discuss the past year and its impact on mental health in the workplace. They explore how different organizations are breaking barriers, starting conversations, raising awareness, and creating a safe space for their employees.

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Q&A: HR Leaders on Creating Space for Employee Mental Well-Being

Best practices to build a healthy workplace culture
We asked four HR professionals about their thoughts on creating space for employee mental health in the workplace, the trends they’re seeing in the industry, and what their own organizations are doing. Here’s what they said.

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It’s time to talk about mental health and wellness

It can be difficult to know where to begin when approaching a topic as intensely personal as mental health and well-being—especially when you’re speaking to people who you’re not personally close to, like employees or direct reports.
But part of breaking the stigma lies in creating space for these conversations. Here are some articles that offer good advice on the topic.

Listen Up: How To Be There When Someone Needs You

This blog post from IDONTMIND offers great advice on how to be a good listening ear and provide support—both during and after difficult conversations.


Talking About Mental Health with Your Employees—Without Overstepping

This article from Harvard Business Review covers how you, as an employer or manager, can check in with employees about their mental well-being in a respectful, helpful manner.


Feeling OK About Not Feeling OK At Work

Sometimes we just aren’t coping—and that’s okay. This article from our blog covers the importance of speaking up about mental well-being, and what companies and colleagues can do to help.


Taking care of ourselves starts with our mental health.

Taking care of ourselves starts with our mental health. And when we take time to find calm on the inside and treat ourselves with more kindness, it supports our friendships, co-workers, family, and community.

Creating space for mental well-being in the workplace begins with a conversation. We encourage you to share this pledge with your teams and co-workers. Invite your company’s leaders to amplify the message that self-care isn’t selfish.


Make mental health part of your work culture

Mental health and wellness initiatives aren’t just for May—they’re here to stay. But for them to be effective, you need to build a culture of wellness into your workplace. How do you go about doing that? Here are some ideas:

Creating a Culture of Self-Care in the Workplace

Self-care is a crucial part of mental wellness—and it’s not just an after-work thing! Here are some of our key tips on how you can foster a culture of self-care for yourself and your colleagues.


Elements of an Effective Workplace Mental Health Strategy

Employee mental health and wellness is important—and a lot of the roots go back to the workplace. This Forbes article lists some of the key elements of workplace mental health strategy, along with the benefits of getting it right.


Building an Employee Wellness Program 101

Creating a new system may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s our step-by-step guide to crafting an impactful mental wellness program for your own organization.

Step-by-step guide

Here are some tools to help you along the way

A tool to start conversations about mental well-being in the workplace:

Our Manager’s Checklist is here to help you prepare for holding these conversations in an honest, supportive, and considerate manner.

Download the Checklist

Tools to improve mental resilience at work:

Try the Reflected Best Self (RBS) Exercise

This can be done on an individual level, but works great as a group activity. Through this exercise, participants will get a better view of their strengths and what people value about them—and the results are often surprising.

Exercise framework

Do the HIGH5 Strengths Test

This free test is based on the Gallup/Clifton Strengthsfinder test, and it helps you identify five of your key strengths through 100 personality-based questions.


Listen to our Radical Self Compassion Masterclass

If you have our app, this program is a fantastic way to build compassion for yourself and others through learning the RAIN (recognize - allow - investigate - nurture) technique.


Materials to help you amplify mental well-being in the workplace:

Emotional Wellness Checklist

This checklist from the National Institutes of Health identifies key ways to improve emotional health and offers specific tips to help with that.


Mental Well-Being Quick Card

This Quick Card from the Minnesota Department of Health (DoH) offers a few quick everyday tips on things individuals can do to improve their overall mental well-being.


Challenging Thinking Traps Worksheet

Our worksheet is helpful for guiding employees into reframing their own negative thoughts and finding compassion instead.


Watch these videos to learn more about mental health and wellness at work

Creating a Culture of Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work

This interactive webinar brings together two unique perspectives from Culture Amp and Calm, who share actionable strategies to help you overcome the challenges of creating a solid employee well-being strategy.


Full-Spectrum Care: Designing a Mental Health Solution That Supports Everyone

In this webinar, Pinterest’s Global Head of Benefits discusses how they created a mental health benefits program to support the full spectrum of employee mental health needs, using digital solutions such as Calm and Lyra Health, along with key ways employers can tackle stigma and develop inclusive mental health strategies.


Mental Fitness in the Workplace: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times

In this webinar, Calm’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Omar Dawood, provides insight on how we can take better care of our own mental health and offers actionable advice on tactics to improve workplace wellness.


Share Calm’s Mental Health Pledge