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Social Media & Screen Addiction

We all know screens and social media are incredibly addictive, but why? And is there anything we can actually do about it? Psychologist Adam Alter explores these questions and shares practical steps for managing the rise of social media and screen addiction in our lives.

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Sleep Stories to help you fall into a deep and natural sleep.

We loved having bedtime stories read to us as children so why should that stop now that we’re all grown up? Sleep Stories are soothing tales read by well-known voices to help people unwind and fall into a deep sleep each evening.

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Sleep Mist

Sleep Mist

A unique blend of lavender, chamomile, frankincense and clary sage essential oils that pairs perfectly with Sleep Stories.

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Breaking Bad Habits

Psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer researches mindfulness techniques that effectively help quell cravings of all kinds.

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